• Nomiyasan beer
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  • 8Futakun-1
Nomiyasan beer 00 8Futakun-1
tickets ¥4000 (advance tickets ¥3500)
Near JR Asagaya Station


Barhopping More Than 100 Drinking Spots

This is an exciting barhopping event like no other, held in Asagaya in May and November. You can visit 100 places and enjoy one free alcoholic drink (e.g. beer, sake, wine, cocktail, sho-chu, etc.) at each place, with the purchase of an event ticket. After buying a ticket (you can select one day, two day or three day tickets), enjoy more than 10 places in one night! You will find stylish wine bars, old Japanese houses, rock bars, etc. Please be aware that some places are quite narrow, so it may be difficult for large groups to enter, especially since the event is very popular.

The next Nomiya-san drinking festival is held every Mid-May and Min-November in Asagaya. Ogikubo locations are also growing for this event.

The Nomiya-san Festival mostly takes place in areas around Asagaya Station, like Star Road just north of the station, Ichibangai along the south side of the tracks to the east, and the Kawabata Dori area just south of the Smile Hotel. There are also a few locations in Minami-Asagaya as well as a separate event starting in Ogikubo, one station to the west.



[updated May 2018]