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tickets to certain events around ¥2000
Near JR Koenji Station


Comedy Stages Everywhere! English Events Included!

“Support young comedians through the whole city. Laugh and be happy.” This is the concept of Koenji Engei Festival. The stage of traditional style “sit down” comedy will shift from the usual theater to various places in Koenji atypical for these type of shows such as sento (public bath), izakaya (Japanese style pub), yakitori-ya (grilled chicken restaurant), as well as temples and shrines in Koenji for the duration of the festival– over 10 days! Experience the world of Rakugo (traditional Japanese sit-down storytelling and comedy) at Koenji Engei Festival!
Various locations and performances take place near Koenji Station for around 10 days in February.

English Language Shows

Thanks to the organization of Rakugo Without Borders, traditional Japanese Rakugo comedy shows, which until now have been almost exclusive to those fluent in Japanese language, are now available to foreigners in Japan (soon in Europe) via surtitles. These one-hour shows offer the usual old stories that have been passed down through generations and present them translated into English so that visitors to Japan can enjoy this unique and entertaining art form. If you can catch an act in cooperation with Rakugo Without Borders at the annual Koenji Engei Matsuri, it is the perfect opportunity to get an intimate and comprehensible look at one of Japan’s most cherished traditional art forms, even if lesser-known internationally.

[updated September 2018]