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5 Chome-29-6, Ogikubo, Suginami, Tokyo
Distance from Station:
3 minutes from JR Ogikubo Station
Lunch: 11:30am - 3pm, Dinner: 5pm - 7:30pm; Fridays: 11:30am - 3pm; Closed Thursdays


Kichijoji’s Popular Ramen Joins the Ogikubo Roster

This popular specialty ramen restaurant in Kichijoji moved to Ogikubo in 2013. The owner has been trying to achieve both healthy and tasty ramen since the restaurant was in Kichijoji. The healthy ramen is gently cooked with Japanese ingredients. Thin noodles and soup made from seafood give the feeling of soba noodles. This is soy sauce base ramen with a 140g serving available for 730 yen. You can change to a larger portion of noodles for an additional 200 yen. Optional toppings are seasoned egg, braised pork, onions, salty-simmered bamboo shoots and kimchi. Only 2 minutes from Ogikubo Station’s south exit.


[updated February 2018]