1 Chome-30-1, Ogikubo, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Distance from Station:
16 minutes from JR/Tokyo Metro Ogikubo Station
03-3332-7107 (Japanese only)
12:00pm noon - 5:00pm, Closed Sunday, Monday, and holidays (may also close when private tea ceremonies are held)
Staff may not be able to communicate in English
  • no-smoking


Experience the Rituals of Traditional Tea Ceremony in a More Relaxed Way

Sumibi Chaya is directly managed by Sumibi Nakayama, a tea ceremony charcoal dealer in business in Ogikubo for 80-odd years. This charcoal fire expert (“sumibi” means charcoal fire) opened a cafe in a quiet residential area in south Ogikubo in 2004. Owner Yasuyuki Yamanaka started practicing tea ceremony in order to more thoroughly understand charcoal fire. He has been performing it for more than 15 years. Along with his mentor, he gives a lesson at a school and culture center in the neighborhood. A bowl of traditional matcha (powdered bitter green tea) is exceptional and a must-try!

What’s great about here is you can actually see the ritual preparation of tea by a tea master up close over the counter in a very casual way! Experience the Japanese tradition while looking at the bright color of green powdered tea and appreciating the deep, bitter taste. If you want to experience matcha tea of traditional tea ceremony without the all the formalities, this café is for you.

Other than matcha tea, Japanese tea and coffee are available. One popular dish served only during lunch time is “Echizen oroshi soba” (soba from Echizen with grated daikon radish with sliced leeks). This soba is a specialty of Echizen-shi, Fukui prefecture, the owner’s home town. Located way off the beaten path in South Ogikubo a rather lengthy walk from the station, only venture here if you want to experience a truly unique Japanese tea/meal experience.



[updated October 2018]