There are many Free Venues, and others range from ¥500 - ¥3000
Near JR Ogikubo Station
Distance from Station:
Most venues within 5 or 10 minutes from JR/Tokyo Metro Ogikubo Station
11:00am - 9:00pm (varies per venue)
Website: (external link)
Most guidance is only available in Japanese
  • no-smoking


Ogikubo, A Quiet Town and its Classical Music Festival
[updated November 2022]

The Japan Philharmonic Orchestra makes its base at Suginami Public Hall, which is a five minute walk from Ogikubo Station and boasts of its superb sound and audio equipment. With Suginami Public Hall as the center of the “Ongaku-sai” music festival, several music events are held at venues all around Ogikubo, and people can enjoy classical music in the comfortable atmosphere of around 30 different facilities such as coffee shops, galleries and churches. A schedule is available in Japanese, so for those who cannot read it’s your best bet is to consult the map and time schedule in the concert guide; at the bottom of each entry you can usually see if a cost is written or not and even the instruments that will be played in the performance.

The “Ongaku-sai” Ogikubo Music Festival is usually held from Thursday through Sunday in early November.

Performances are numerous in various areas around Ogikubo. Pick up a guide at Ogikubo Station. If English information is lacking you can always check the Suginami Public Hall (1 Chome-23-15 Kamiogi) or Mignon.



Translator: Y. Ikeno
Photographer: TFF staff