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2 Chome-48-11 Koenjiminami, Suginami, Tokyo
Distance from Station:
4 minutes from JR Koenji Station
03-3315-3310 (Japanese only)
12:00pm - 7:30pm (Sat. Sun. and holidays: 12pm - 9:30pm); Closed Mondays & Tuesdays
Japanese only


Bringing Classic to Koenji

There was a famous classical music cafe in Nakano (the next station from Koenji) called “Classic”, which sadly closed after more than 50 years. A member of the staff who worked there was reluctant to see the closing and decided to seize the moment, opening this café in nearby Koenji. The records, the lights, and the cash register are taken over from “Classic” and the room looks just as nostalgic as the old location—you would never image that it could have opened in 2007. Coffee (400 yen) is also made from deeply roasted bitter beans as Classic’s was. The system of buying a coffee ticket first and allowing customers to bring in their own food are also the same as—you guessed it– Classic.
Come to Koenii and make Classic memories of your own.