The four areas of Suginami on the Chuo Line each have a growing number of English Language restaurant menus. Below you will find English menus from the Chuosen Aruaru Project’s English menu program divided by each area. Koenji and Asagaya each have approximately 200 English menu restaurants, while Ogikubo and Nishi-Ogikubo each have around 100. Enjoy!


    Enjoy restaurant and bar-hopping in Koenji! Koenji is a famous area for its unique restaurants, bars, vintage clothing shops and live music venues. Now with over 200 English Menu restaurants, there are unlimited options for you to enjoy during your visit or stay in Koenji.


    The town of Asagaya has lots of unique restaurants and bars that are loved by locals. Family-owned small bars, ethnic restaurants and izakaya (Japanese style bars) which you have probably not experienced elsewhere are waiting for you to enjoy and experience their culture!


    Best known for giving birth to “Tokyo style” soy sauce ramen in the 1930’s, Ogikubo is one of the best ramen stops in Tokyo. This is not only because of its history, but also because there are so many ramen shops! With its classical music history, it is also a great gourmet area.


    With atmosphere akin to that of Shinjuku’s Golden-gai but a lot more local and off the beaten-path, Nishi-Ogikubo’s alleys and side streets full of local izakaya bars and restaurants match its antique and art vibe perfectly. Also a great place for coffee and sweets!