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cheap; ¥380 - ¥800
3 Chome-67-1 Koenji-minami, Suginami, Tokyo
Distance from Station:
3 minutes from JR Koenji Station
03-3337-4186 (Japanese only)
11:00am - 10:00pm, closed Sundays
  • no-credit-card
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  • family-friendly


Curry and Ramen, Big Portions for Small Yen

For those who want to experience the Japanese take on curry, Tabuchi is good choice. This place is cafeteria style: first, place your order by using the ticket vending machine up front and pass the ticket to the staff. In less than 10 minutes, take your meal from the counter and enjoy digging in just like the locals do (it is crowded at lunch time).

The presentation is simple, but the taste is kicking! Savory and spicy, this curry is paired perfectly with either rice or noodles. Another specialty is shoyu-ramen (soy-sauce broth soup noodles) for those who prefer lighter taste. All priced under 500 yen but for an additional charge (of about 200 yen) you can make it a set meal. A bowl of ramen with mini curry rice or crispy croquettes plus mini salad. For big eaters, the 600 yen double curry allows you to enjoy pork and beef curry in a large portion. Filling and satisfying, this place is the way to go to experience Japanese curry and ramen in one trip, and is highly recommended if you want your yen to go far.



[updated: January 2018]