Walk down Koenji Pal Street, south from JR Koenji Station, and continue straight where the covered arcade ends.
Distance from Station:
2 minutes from JR Koenji Station, South Exit


Unique Coffee Shops and Vintage Fashion
[updated August 2022]

Look Street is the continuation from Koenji Pal shopping street, guiding you south from Koenji Station. The gateway of this street marks the beginning of entering a world of vintage clothing and relics of fashion from the 60’s-90’s. Unlike Pal Street, this shotengai (shopping street) is not covered by a roof, making for a more open atmosphere while exploring the street. Sometimes there is also music playing through speakers as you walk along the street.

Like its name, Look Street is full of notable vintage shops to complement your looks. Or, you could say that there are many things to look at while walking down the street. It has also a good reputation as a second Harajuku where the style ranges from youth to adult. While you will find “kawaii” fashion here (like at Kiki, Kiki2, AiLeen by GrogGrog and others), there is also a lot of variety. So if you are planning to shop with ease and away from the crowd you’ll definitely want to give this place a try.

Furthermore unlike other shopping streets that are full of chain restaurants and shops, Look Street is fully covered with self-owned shops and cafes for a one-of-a-kind atmosphere all the way down this long shotengai street. Visit one of the small and unique coffee shops like Hohohono and Coffee Cone Tokyo or grab a meal from one of the several fusion cafes after shopping and it will surely make your day.



Writer: Elvira
Photographer: Cherry