5 Chome-42-10 Narita-higashi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Distance from Station:
1 minute from Tokyo Metro Minami-Asagaya Station, 9 minutes from JR Asagaya Station
03-4285-1010 (Japanese only)
Weekdays 4:00pm - 11:00pm, Weekends/holidays 3:00pm - 10:00pm, Closed Mondays
Website: (external link)
English speaking staff available.
  • no-smoking
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Pork Specialty, Fresh Seafood, and Japanese Hospitality

Kotarou is an authentic Izakaya style restaurant serving grilled pork and eye-catching seafood with Japanese sake that has been a popular location since its opening in 2014.
As this is a yakiton (grilled pork) specialty restaurant, yakiton is their standard menu, while their fresh seafood options are also popular and change daily depending on what’s fresh and available.

Kotarou is particular about their seafood. The owner goes to the market every day to buy fresh seafood, which is why the menu changes daily. Sometimes it may only vary slightly, but because fresh seafood is so important here, what’s on offer as well as the prices are always changing.
Popular seafood dishes include fresh buri (Japanese amberjack yellowtail) daikon and oyster milt with lots of salmon roe on top. Their raw oysters also come highly recommended. As for yakiton, liver with onion salt and kashira miso cheese varieties are popular among female customers.
Many people come to the restaurant through their Instagram (external link), and since Kotarou is particular about their daily offerings, the restaurant’s appeal can be conveyed through Instagram as well. They stock not only robust, meaty oysters, but also 1kg of salmon roe per weekday and 2kg on weekend days.
The menu is so large that it is impossible to try everything in one visit, so if you have the opportunity you’ll want to visit multiple times.



Writer: Miho
Photographer: Mark
Additional photos provided courtesy of Kotarou