• Silk Road Painter Kazuko Irie (1916-2021)

Silk Road Painter Kazuko Irie (1916-2021)

It is with great sadness we have heard that Kazuko Irie, a 105 year-old painter¬† based in Asagaya, has passed away on August 10, 2021. She continued her life’s work of paintings of the Silk Road trade route through Asia well into her 100’s, as if the art would keep her alive forever. She opened her museum in 2000, mostly showcasing the body of work resulting from a 30 year sketching journey of the Silk Road from age 62-92. Her colorful and uplifting work is usually on display at her Irie Kazuko Silk Road Museum in Asagaya, and we hope it will remain there so people can experience her life’s work when it is safe to travel again.