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4 Chome-33-15, Naritahigashi, Suginami, Tokyo (2F)
Distance from Station:
5 minutes from Tokyo Metro Minami-Asagaya Station, 13 minutes from JR Asagaya Station (South Exit)
Lunch: 11:30pm - 2pm, Dinner: 5pm - 12am; Closed the third Monday of every month


The Attraction of a Thick Slice of Kalbi

Ichioku-cho is a Korean barbecue restaurant (also known as “yaki-niku” in Japan) managed by a friendly Korean woman. The lunch menu is recommended for first-time visitors. The restaurant prepares a charcoal brazier and even single visitors can enjoy real Korean thick-sliced meat and special Korean style salad. Family à la carte style is also very worthwhile. They also sell their original barbeque sauce, which is so popular many customers come to just to buy it. Many athletes and local activists frequent the restaurant, and its popularity can be seen by the autographs all over the wall.

Located in Minami-Asagaya, it can be reached easily from Minami-Asagaya Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line, or Route Inn. Or if you are coming from JR Asagaya Station, a leisurely 10-15 minute stroll down the Pearl Center Shopping Street will bring you straight there. Ichioku-cho is on the 2nd floor above a Real Estate Office.



[updated September 2018]