Menu items from ¥300, Meat sets ¥1500
2 Chome-40-16 Koenji-Kita, Suginami, Tokyo
Distance from Station:
7 minutes from JR Koenji Station, Noth Exit
03-5356-8762 (Japanese only)
11:00am - 2:30pm (lunch), 5:30pm - 11:00pm (dinner)
Website: (external link)
Staff speak Japanese only.
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Yaki-niku for the Solo Traveler

Sasurai no Kanteki is a barbecue chain restaurant that follows the intriguing concept of barbecuing excellent meat just for yourself. Solo travelers coming through the area west of Shinjuku can now rejoice as a new shop has opened in Koenji, Tokyo. A charcoal brazier is prepared for each person on the counter, and the shop welcomes all walks of life— men, women, residents, travelers, Japanese, and foreign visitors.

As a specialty restaurant that serves beef and pork of the highest quality, meat lovers are sure to find a new favorite gourmet spot in Koenji, here on the folksy Azuma Dori shopping street. However, their specialty lies not only in meat but also the vegetables and rice are delivered specially from a Kyoto farm to preserve their savory taste.

The menu ranges from Japanese A4 rank to Black beef that you can order in one set for 1500 yen. Another menu item that made an appearance on national TV is their fruit pork, with green onions and original sauce. At Sasurani no Kanteki, simply prepare and savor yakiniku in your own way, without worrying about anybody else.



[updated December 2018]