4 Chome-33-15, Naritahigashi, Suginami, Tokyo (2F)
Distance from Station:
5 minutes from Tokyo Metro Minami-Asagaya Station, 13 minutes from JR Asagaya Station (South Exit)
Lunch: 11:30pm - 2pm, Dinner: 5pm - 11:30pm; Closed Mondays
  • take-out


The Attraction of a Thick Slice of Kalbi
[updated August 2022]

Ichioku-cho is a Korean barbecue restaurant (also known as “yaki-niku” in Japan) managed by a friendly Korean woman. The lunch menu is recommended for first-time visitors. The restaurant prepares a charcoal brazier and even single visitors can enjoy real Korean thick-sliced meat and special Korean style salad. Family à la carte style is also very worthwhile. They also sell their original barbecue sauce, which is so popular many customers come to just to buy it. Many athletes and local well-knowns frequent the restaurant, and its popularity can be seen by the autographs all over the wall. The yaki-niku here is a must, but also try other delicious Korean dishes, such as chijimi (Korean pancake).

Located in Minami-Asagaya, it can be reached easily from Minami-Asagaya Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line, or Route Inn. Or if you are coming from JR Asagaya Station, a leisurely 10-15 minute stroll down the Pearl Center Shopping Street will bring you straight there. Ichioku-cho is on the 2nd floor above a Real Estate Office.



Translation: Masakane
Photography: TFF staff