¥300 Seating charge, drinks from ¥450 (+ tax)
3 Chome−58−17 Koenji-minami, Suginami, Tokyo (Plaza USA Building, B1F)
Distance from Station:
2 minutes from Koenji Station, South Exit
03-6383-1643 (Japanese only)
8:00pm - 3:00am, closed Sundays and sometimes irregularly
Website: (external link)
Staff speak Japanese only. Parts of the menu are in English.


A Late Night Haunt for Anime Aficionados and Drinkers Alike
[updated November 2022]

Anime Bar Mugen, tucked away in the basement of the Plaza USA Building, typifies Koenji’s edgy but always welcoming bar scene. Anime devotees, local business owners and those purely out for a late night tipple can all be found rubbing shoulders at the toy laden bar between the hours of 9pm and 4am each evening.

The Hayashi’s, husband and wife owner-operators of Bar Mugen, greet all new faces with a smile and a seat at their intimate establishment. A screen behind the counter shows selections of their favourite anime from the likes of Attack on Titan, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan. Requests from guests are always welcomed and can be screened instantly via “D Anime Store” which boasts an expansive catalogue of 2,300+ anime works.

For guest’s amusement, an assortment of figurines adorn the counter, but it’s the top shelf above the whiskey that’s reserved for the showpiece figures. The hours of 1am – 2am sees Anime Bar Mugen at its busiest, catering to late night regulars and members of Koenji’s hospitality community thirsting for a well-deserved drink after work. With a 50/50 split of anime aficionados and guests from the neighbourhood, you don’t need an education in anime to enjoy a drink in the warm company of the Hayashi’s and their eclectic guests at Bar Mugen. This is one of the great bars anime can be watched at, and a great spot to meet anime fans!



Writer/Photographer: Andy M.