Drinks about ¥400-¥1000, food varies, *Some places may have a ¥300 table charge
2 Chome Asagayakita, Suginami, Tokyo (Just North of Asagaya Station and to the left)
Distance from Station:
1 minute from JR Asagaya Station, North Exit
Website: (external link)
Many places have English menus, some staff may speak English


The Star of Local Tokyo’s Nightlife
[updated February 2021]

Due to its more reasonable scale, Star Road is a welcomed respite if you are overwhelmed by the massive scale of Tokyo. It is a quaint and reasonably priced nightlife area located in the well-established residential area in northeast Asagaya filled with an eclectic mix of local artists, musicians, business men, and any other type of character you can imagine. Packed with music and karaoke bars and drinking and eating establishments serving up any kind of libation thinkable, from traditional Japanese drinks like Nihonshu (sake) and Shochu to craft beer, wine or cocktails. You’ll find affordable Izakayas, mom and pop eateries serving anything from yakitori to Japanese regional delicacies and western food.

The shop workers are often the owners of the establishment and they are warm and caring towards customers. It is often said Asagaya is more like a mura (or village), so the hospitality is unmatched in other parts of Tokyo. Make sure to not overlook the basement and upper floors to find many hidden gems and don’t be afraid to explore– you may find that unique experience you were hoping for. When you think you’ve reached the end of Star Road, where the stone pavers end, turn left because there is still more to discover.

Guidance and accommodation: Many places have English menus and some owners speak English. The environment is welcoming to visitors and tourists, singles or families, young and old. Star Road is also known as an area safe for single women to drink and eat alone, and it’s also a great place for a date. Please take note that many places may be too small to handle larger groups but there are some larger Izakayas that can accommodate. Smile Hotel is close by and there are many AirBNB options in the area if you would like an affordable way to experience what it’s like to live in a traditional Tokyo neighborhood.

When to go: Each day is different on Star Road. Wednesday – Friday are the liveliest but Saturday – Tuesday you can meet different types of people and spend some relaxing time. The liveliest time to visit Star Road is from about 6pm until the last train but many places are open until very late and some open until morning in case you miss the last train (just before 1am). And you can always head over to Ichibangai (Asagaya’s answer to Golden Gai) after hours.

Prices: Drinks prices can vary from about 400 – 1000 yen and food prices vary as well but you are sure to find reasonable and even very cheap options. *Some places may have a small table charge of about 300 yen but there is no tipping.

Special Events:
Nomiyasan Matsuri– A pub crawl festival occurring biannually

Star Road Festival- A daytime festival occurring annually

Location: As you exit Asagaya station head out the North exit and towards your left. Star Road is more of an area than one shopping street and you will find two entrances, one to your immediate left and another about 30 meters to the right of that entrance. The entrances are marked by signs above your head in Japanese: スターロード