2 Chome-13-4 Asagaya-kita, Suginami, Tokyo (2nd Floor)
Distance from Station:
1 minute on foot from JR Asagaya Station, North Exit
03-5364-9395 (Japanese only)
Open Daily 5:00pm - 11:00pm (Closes at 9:00pm on Sundays), Closes irregularly
Website: (external link)
Staff speak Japanese only.
  • no-smoking
  • wifi


A Taste of Aomori in Asagaya

For an authentic Aomori experience in Tokyo, Tabi Salon Umikko Hachinohe is a must-visit destination. Aomori is the northern-most prefecture of Japan’s main island. This Aomori-themed bar specializes in nihonshu (sake) and cuisine from the Hachinohe area of Aomori, offering a delightful blend of regional flavors and culture.

Located conveniently near Asagaya Station and situated on the second floor, Umikko boasts a surprisingly spacious interior that often hosts live music events. A piano performance can add a charming touch to your evening there. The venue also features guitar and shamisen (a traditional Japanese three-string instrument) performances, enhancing the cultural experience. Rows of tables stretch toward the back of the room while bar seating is at the front, perfect for either groups or individual patrons.

The bar’s ambiance is enriched by the owner’s deep connection to Aomori. He also runs a travel agency in Hachinohe, bringing a wealth of knowledge and friendliness to the establishment. A large display behind the bar continuously showcases stunning scenes from Aomori, creating a compelling atmosphere that might inspire you to visit the region yourself.

Umikko’s primary attraction is its extensive selection of nihonshu from Aomori. A light, dry variety with subtle, distinct characteristics, pairs perfectly with the recommended smoked saba (mackerel) or delicious miso-marinated squid. If you are interested in venturing into the world of fusion cuisine there is a unique dish made with their famous sembei, or rice cracker, of the region. The crackers are used as a base for small tapas-style pizzas with a variety of toppings, and they go very well with Hachinohe ciders. The pizza toppings and flavorful smoked fish are all specialties of the Hachinohe area and complement the smooth taste of the sake or cider, creating a harmonious Aomori-style dining experience.

Tabi Salon Umikko Hachinohe offers a unique and enriching experience for those looking to explore Aomori’s culinary and cultural offerings. With its inviting atmosphere, live performances, and exceptional nihonshu and cuisine, it stands out as a premier destination in Asagaya. Whether you’re a sake enthusiast or simply looking to enjoy a taste of northern Japan, Umikko provides an unforgettable evening that might just spark your interest in visiting Aomori.



writer: Joel
photographer: Fukuyama