Lunch ¥1000
3 Chome-43-1, Asagayaminami, Suginami, Tokyo
Distance from Station:
5 minutes on foot from JR Asagaya Station, South Exit
03-6383-5534 (Japanese only)
12:00pm - 14:30pm, 6:00pm - 11:30pm
Website: (external link)
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Original European Style Curry and More
[updated August 2022]

For original curry dishes, look no further than Magokoro, only 5 minutes from Asagaya Station. Their curries simmer with approximately 20 kinds of spices, vegetables and fruits. The owner changes the balance of the spice mix depending on the season and even slightly changes the taste for lunch and dinner time. For example, curry in the summer is slightly spicier and dinner curry is a bit rich in taste.

Magokoro’s lunch curry is a mild taste with chicken mincemeat. Customers can choose three toppings from 10 choices including different types of pickles. Cayenne pepper is available at each table so you can adjust the spice to taste. You can also choose the volume of rice depending on your hunger.

As for dinner, there are beef, pork and chicken curries. As mentioned dinner curry here is richer than lunch curry, but because it is vegetable and fruit based, it’s not too much. Customers can add toppings such as a fried egg for an extra fee, and modify as you like. There is also a side menu with items like gyoza dumplings, omelettes, and Jerk chicken. The most popular is “Tea Broiled Duck” which is cooked with black tea at a low temperature, making for a refreshing taste.

Ideal for both lunch and dinner, stop by Magokoro to try this original, tasty curry.



Translation: Miho
Photography: TFF staff