• New Links Added (2018.02.16)

    We have revamped Experience Suginami Tokyo, adding links to the individual pages to give you options for other places you might be interested in and places nearby. Please use these links to explore similar places that Tokyo’s unique Suginami Ward has to offer, or to help plan your visit. If you have other comments or suggestions on how to improve the site we’d love to hear from you! Contact us via our Facebook page.

  • New Koenji Vintage Clothing Guide & Map (2017.11.14)

    Now available at JR Koenji Station and select locations, pick up a new, free guide and map on Koenji’s many vintage and used clothing locations! It will help you find out where to go when you hit Koenji’s famous and expansive vintage clothing district. For more info on select shops, see our fashion & vintage section.

  • Fall in Tokyo (2017.10.20)

    It’s been a long summer here in Suginami, Tokyo (all of Japan, really) but we have finally reached cooler days. Autumn in Suginami is very exciting as we have so many many festivals: Asagaya Jazz Streets Oct. 27 – 28, Koenji Fest Oct. 28 – 29, Suginami Festa Nov. 4 – 5, Trolls in the Park Nov. 3 – 23, Ogikubo Music Festival Nov. 9 – 12 and the fall foliage illumination at Otaguro Park Nov. 24 – Dec. 3.

  • Japan Culture Workshops, August 4-6 (2017.06.30)

    If you’re in Tokyo during early August, it is the perfect time to enjoy the Asagaya Tanabata Festival, and during this time we will be holding Japanese culture workshops including making sushi, Japanese crafts, and we let you rent yukata (Japanese summer robes) to go to the festival in! See details on the Japan Culture Workshops page, and sign up before the workshops fill up!