• November Events Are Upon Us! (2018.11.02)

    In Suginami Ward, Fall is the time for events, especially November! Starting on Culture Day, November 3rd, you can enjoy Suginami Festa in Ogikubo and Trolls in the Park in Nishi-Ogikubo. Starting on the 8th is the Ogikubo Music Festival and next comes the bar hopping event Nomiyasan Matsuri, on the 7th and 8th in Ogikubo and the 13th – 15th in Asagaya. Starting on Labor Thanksgiving Day, November 23rd, until the 2nd of December is the Fall Foliage Illumination in Otaguro Park in Ogikubo, one of the best in the west side of Tokyo.

  • 2018 Tanabata Workshops: Temari Sushi, Japanese Pickles, Sake Tasting (2018.07.06)

    Last year our “Japan Culture Workshops” were a big hit, and this year we are proud to announce that Asagaya’s own Coto Lab kitchen studio will be hosting this year’s event with Japanese cooking classes. Held on August 5th during the Asagaya Tanabata Festival, you can learn temari sushi with Japanese pickles in the earlier part of the day or try sake tasting in the later part of the day– or even sign up for both and visit the Tanabata Festival in between! Sign up via email from the Coto Lab event page.

  • Japanese Manners & Customs How-To Manga Booklet Now Available (2018.03.30)

    A FREE booklet featuring 10 “How-to” Manga comics from our website is now available at JR Chuo Line Stations from Koenji to Nishi-Ogikubo as well as at select hotels in Tokyo. Pick up your copy to help you make sure you don’t make any faux pas when you visit! (You can also read the full versions here)

  • New Tokyo Antique District Guide (Nishi-Ogikubo) & Restaurants Guide (Koenji & Asagaya) (2018.03.01)

    Out newest English guidance to help you explore the local areas of Tokyo has been completed: Look for our free booklet “Nishi-Ogikubo: Tokyo’s Best Antique District” to help you locate the best treasures in Japan! “Koenji-Asagaya Restaurants Guide Book” is also available for detailed restaurant information and maps of English Menu Restaurants in Koenji and Asagaya. Both booklets will be available at their respective JR stations and more areas to come soon.