Walk down Koenji Pal Street, south from JR Koenji Station, and take a right where the covered arcade ends.
Distance from Station:
3 minutes from JR Koenji Station, South Exit


Charming Shotengai in South Koenji
[updated August 2022]

Koenji is known for its vintage and fashion stores and for having an extended offering of authentic restaurants and bars, and there’s one shotengai shopping street in town that does it with a little extra dazzle. Adorn with colorful lanterns for the most part of the year, Etoile Dori shopping street combines all of the above “Koenji standards” in a charming way. Wander along the few blocks that make up this shopping and dining street and enjoy vegetarian food at Meu Nota or Poleyale, a tea or coffee on a terrace as you watch people go by, or go hunt for rare vintage items. And if you are in town during the Awa-Odori Festival (the last weekend in August), be sure to make a stop here and join the locals as they turn the streets into a big block party.



Writer/Photographer: Diego