Live shows are usually ¥1500 – ¥2500 range
2 Chome-21-6 Koenjiminami, Suginami, Tokyo (basement level)
Distance from Station:
8 minutes from JR Koenji Station, South Exit
03-6795-6699 (English OK)
7:30pm – 12:00am
Website: (external link)
Owner speaks English.


Experience Traditional Japanese Performances at a Hidden Underground Shrine Bar

Shinjuku has the robot restaurant to give a futuristic experience, but in Koenji you can get a glimpse of Japanese traditional nightlife of the past at this one-of-a-kind bar. If you are fond of Japanese traditional music, shrines (and drinking!) you’ll want to check this place out!

Ryu Guw (“Ryu-gu”) means dragon shrine, as you can see by the interior at the stage. This is the one-and-only shrine where you can enjoy music performances of traditional Japanese instruments underground.

Ryu Guw is run by a Taiko drum master who is fluent in English as he frequently goes to the United States to perform. He welcomes and hopes more foreigners can enjoy traditional Japanese music. Drinks range from 500 yen but we recommend their specialty, the Massado (Japanese matcha green tea mixed with alcoholic beverage) for 1000 yen. You’ll be fascinated as the matcha is masterfully whisked in front of you and a final touch of gold powder is added to your drink. Check out their Facebook page to find out about their next performance schedule, and you can even contact Ryu Guw to schedule a workshop.

[updated November 2018]