Set meals from ¥1000
3 Chome-37-2 Shoan, Suginami, Tokyo
Distance from Station:
7 minutes on foot from JR Nishi-Ogikubo Station, South Exit
03-5344-9393 (Japanese, Korean and some English)
11:30am - 5:30pm (Last Orders 5:00pm), Closed Mondays & Thursdays
Website: (external link)
Japanese, Korean and some English.
  • no-smoking
  • no-credit-card


A Sweet Red Bean Haven
[updated January 2022]

Hidden on a quiet road not far from Nishi-Ogikubo Station, Cafe & Salon Hana, a quaint 80 year old Japanese style house from the early Showa era with period features, is a relaxing space that oozes charm.

The cafe is on the ground floor, the salon refers to the 2nd floor space which is hired out for courses, workshops, therapy sessions and the like. The proprietors greet you with a warm welcome and smile, making you feel at home. Let them know of any dietary requirements and they will endeavour to meet your needs.

Cafe Hana places azuki beans and well-being at heart, offering a holistic environment with delicious, healthy food and drink that warms the body and boosts the immune system. Their menu could be described as mainly Japanese with an essence of Korea, plus their own original twist. The food is beautifully served on Mashiko pottery ware which matches the ambience of the cafe. They easily adapt most dishes to be vegetarian or vegan on request.

The cafe is known as “Azuki Parlour”, as this nutritious red bean appears in the majority of dishes, sweets and drinks. Azuki red beans are traditionally believed to be auspicious and good for warding off evil spirits.

Unsurprisingly, fermented enzyme brown rice cooked with azuki beans is another speciality. The 3-day fermentation gives the rice extra “umami” and is excellent for nutrition and digestive health.

The Veggie Enzyme Rice Bibimbap set (1000 yen) has a delightful, rich sauce with subtle spiciness and comes with soup and pickles. The Veggie Gyoza set (1100 yen) has four pieces which are an unusual round shape filled with ground azuki beans, giving them texture along with garlic chives, cabbage, garlic and ginger. These also come with soup and pickles.

Other main meals include Spice Veggie Curry and an Enzyme Rice and Soup set. There are also Enzyme Rice Balls at 700 yen for 2 (which can be taken out) and Enzyme Rice Nori Rolls at 600 yen.

The desserts are mostly vegan, such as “Ohagi” mochi covered in azuki bean paste (available to take out) and “An de Truffles” which contain anko, nuts, cocoa and date jam— these normally come with honey which can be omitted for vegans. Yakuzen Zenzai, hot sweet red bean soup with ginseng extract and nuts on top is another tasty option.

Lacto-vegetarians can enjoy the amazing “An burger” (900 yen) which looks similar to a hamburger but is actually Hana’s signature anko sweet red bean paste, banana, orange, cream cheese and honey in a burger bun with a peacock decoration on top! This cannot be made vegan as the bun contains some butter.

Cafe Hana roast their own azuki beans to make their flavorful Azuki Tea and there’s a soy milk drink with beans and maple sugar which is as satisfying as any dessert. Traditional Korean teas and many other healthy teas are available as well as organic wine.

You can also purchase items that are on display such as teas and oils! Cafe Hana is an airy, restful place where you can’t help but feel healthier, happier and recharged as you leave.