Regular Entry: no fee but all customers must order 1 drink item and 1 food item; Entry with special cake: ¥4,500
(You will pay a cancellation fee for any reservation cancelled within 72 hours of your appointment)
3 Chome-29-10 Amanuma, Suginami, Tokyo
Distance from Station:
4 minutes on foot from JR/Tokyo Metro Ogikubo Station, North Exit
Friday - Monday 12:00pm - 7:00pm (Closed Tuesday - Thursday)
Website: (external link)
Japanese, English speaking staff available.
  • no-smoking


Welcome to the Fantastical World of Mid-Erd
[updated November 2022]

Chamber of Raven is an intricately designed theme cafe, opened in Ogikubo in 2018. The name comes from the cafe in the capital city of the imaginary world of “Mid-Erd”. Chamber of Raven’s owner and another creative who formerly worked in the gaming industry established the cafe based on the idea of “the imagination world comes true in the real world.” Here you can enjoy the unique interior almost like an amusement park, with an impressive food menu.

The highly stylized interior is a mixture of antique and fantasy, very much based on the European medieval ages and medieval fantasy. The staff who worked on the decor went through a painstaking process, but said they feel pleased from the guest reactions and compliments. This is a place you will want to book for a unique experience where you can take extraordinary photos.
Regarding their menu, their pancakes are popular. They also have seasonal limited menus for Valentine’s and Christmas seasons. The drink menu is also enticing, and you can get a special souvenir such as a fancy glass bottle or cocktail stirrer as part of a set. Vegetarians can also enjoy their “Haunted Mountain Salad”.

Speaking of souvenirs, many guests enjoy shopping after a unique eating and drinking experience. Their specially designed original goods are popular, like the konpeitō, a colorful sugar confetti, which comes in a specially designed tin that won first prize on a famous shopping website. You can purchase original goods on their online shop, including antique teacups and dresses as well.

Most of the cafe’s visitors are women, and it is also getting popular among international guests who enjoy dressing up with clothes that match Chamber of Raven’s medieval atmosphere. Some guests also dress up for Halloween and many guests enjoy coming here just as they were visiting a theme park.

Chamber of Raven’s staff recommend people to come here and “Enjoy the atmosphere, forgetting the real world. There are souvenirs and goods you can bring home, so you can continue to enjoy this world even in your own place.”

How to make reservations:
Currently, Chamber of Raven takes reservations only due to COVID-19. (booking page, external link)
From their website, you can choose the time 12:00-, 14:30 and 17:00- (120 minutes each)
*Please note guests must order 1 drink item and 1 food item. A single group must be no more than 4 people.



Writer: Miho
Photographer: K. Tezuka

Additional photos provided courtesy of Chamber of Raven