Entrance is to the northeast of Koenji Station
Distance from Station:
About 4 minutes from JR Koenji Station, North exit


Koenji’s Quiet But Cool Shotengai Shopping Street
[updated October 2020]

One of Koenji’s main draws for locals and foreigners alike is its usual lively vibe and of course its quaint vintage shops among other hard-to-find trinkets. But to the northeast, Azuma Dori presents Koenji’s quieter yet still cool side. Also used for residents as a path to reach Koenji Station, this quaint shotengai shopping street is home to several independent shops, and a great location if you want to pick through a large record collection at European Papa, get your hands on the beautiful stationary at Amleteron, have an afternoon snack in Hattifnatt‘s treehouse-like vibe, or browse top-class art pieces at Clouds Art + Coffee while sipping down on their single origin pour over coffees. If visiting in the evening, Azuma Dori is also home to several cozy eateries like Mikazuki Okonomiyaki, Sasurai no Kanteki Yakiniku, and more.