• Fall Events Coming Soon! (2019.10.17)

    The Fall Season in Suginami, Tokyo brings many exciting events starting the end of October with Asagaya Jazz Streets and Koenji Fest over the same weekend. The following weekend in November is Suginami Festa, followed by Ogikibo’s Classical Music Festival that flows into the next weekend. Mid-November you can enjoy a night (or 2 or 3) of bar-hopping in the Nomiya-san Festival, or enjoy outdoor art on display at Zenpukuji Park throughout the month with the Trolls in the Park event.

  • Summer Events Are Here! (2019.08.02)

    It’s August, the hottest and most humid month in Japan, but that doesn’t stop people from throwing the best traditional festivals of the year. Here in Suginami we have the Asagaya Tanabata Festival August 3-7, with the Bata Art Exhibition in conjunction with it August 3-11, and one of the most famous summer festivals in all of Tokyo, the Koenji Awa-Odori Festival August 24 & 25.

  • Emergency & Useful Information (2019.07.26)

    We added a new page for Emergency & Useful Information. You can find it under the Info tab in “Plan”, or click here. This page includes helpful links, apps, and more for foreign tourists and residents of Japan such as emergency information, weather and earthquake information, legal and consultation services, etc. Available for Suginami area and Tokyo in general.

  • New “Attractions” Section (2019.06.14)

    We have expanded our “Anime” page into a broader section called attractions, which features unique information about theaters and sento (public bath) selections in Suginami, Tokyo! Check the Museums & Theaters and Cultural Experiences pages, respectively. The anime destinations remain in the Anime Destinations category, all under the Attractions section (under “See & Do”).