• Scheduled Maintenance 9.27 (2022.09.20)

    In the morning of September 27 (JST), this site will be undergoing brief maintenance. There is a possibly the site may be difficult to access during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • JNTO Announces Tourism Opened to Unaccompanied Travelers from Sept. 7! (2022.09.07)

    Last month the Japan National Tourism Organization finally opened tourism again after about 2 years, however only to restricted guided package tours. Now, as of September 7th, non-guided package tours are also accepted. This means that the day when you can freely travel to Japan as you did before the coronavirus pandemic is near. If you are considering a trip to Japan, please visit the following websites to learn more about the Japanese government’s response: COVID-19 Japan Travel Restrictions (external link) & Tourist Process Checklist (external link)

  • Weak Yen= Good Exchange Rates & Good Time to Visit Japan! (2022.09.06)

    Japan is currently experiencing the weakest yen in almost 25 years. The yen has dropped from around 110 yen to the (US) dollar, which had been stable for the past several years, but now you can buy something that costs $10 for about $7 or $8, which is very appealing to shoppers from abroad. It is nice to see that shopping in Japan, which was originally undervalued, is now discounted by more than 20%. Please check our Emergency and Useful Information page for exchange rates, weather, and more.

  • Japan Opening to Tourists for the First Time in 2 Years! (2022.05.31)

    Beginning from June 10th, Japan will finally allow tourists into Japan again, after about 2 years. There is a catch, though, however: for now this is only for packaged tours, so you must have a guide and a fixed tour with a fixed schedule in order to be allowed in (and this is on top of the usual COVID-19 checks including having proof of a negative Covid test as well as proof of 3 vaccinations). You also must apply for a visa in advance. Packaged tours is the first stage, but gradually Japan will allow more and more tourists in in various stages, so stay tuned for more updates.