• Remembering 3.11 (2021.03.11)

    Today marks 10 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami disaster that shook the entire country on March 11, 2011. Only less than a month ago we felt an enormous aftershock, as if to remind us that this could happen again at any time. Now 10 years after that disaster the world suffers from COVID-19 pandemic, but like 3.11, we will overcome this crisis. When it is safe to travel again, be sure to keep an eye on our Emergency Info page for not only COVID-19 updates but also earthquake and tsunami information.

  • Sakura Forecast 2021 (2021.03.05)

    We have had quite a few unseasonably warm days this winter, so it is predicted we will get cherry blossoms opening quite a bit earlier than usual this year. Blossoms are expected to open in Tokyo around March 15-18, meaning full bloom can probably be expected around March 25th-28th.
    Although there won’t be any international tourists this year, if you happen to be in the area or are planning future visit when it is safe again, be sure to check out Zenpukuji-gawa Green Park and Wadabori Park along the Zenpukuji River for less-crowded sakura viewing locations in Tokyo.

  • New Year Update (2021.02.05)

    Happy New Year from Experience Suginami Tokyo. This year we are still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are doing our best to provide you with information useful and interesting looking toward your next visit to Japan, whenever it may be possible! As a reminder, our Emergency Info page has links to useful information for keeping track of the current pandemic situation in Japan. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy, and look forward to your next opportunity to have a safe visit to Suginami.

  • Kosugi-Yu Registerred as a National Tangible Cultural Property (2021.01.12)

    The Koenji public bathhouse “Kosugi-Yu“, established in 1933, was registered as a National Tangible Cultural Property on January 6th, 2021. The bath house is popular among all ages for adding cultural activities including various events, yoga workshops, and art exhibitions, in addition to having a variety of baths such as their ever-popular milk bath.