• Welcome (Back) to Japan! Enjoy Eating in Suginami (2023.05.16)

    Many people have been visiting Japan this year since the country is now open to tourism again after 3 years! We hope everyone is enjoying the sites! While you’re in Tokyo, there a lot of famous sites outside of Suginami, but if you’re looking for something off the beaten path, be sure to visit Suginami. Check out our Guides & Trips page for ideas. And if you’re out seeing the famous sites by day and looking for something to eat at night, take a look at our extensive restaurant section in the EAT & DRINK category. We also added a new baked goods page, if you’re looking for delicious snacks on the go.

  • Visit Tokyo in 2023 (2023.02.01)

    Happy New Year everyone! We at Experience Suginami Tokyo will continue to bring you local Tokyo information on our best restaurants, unique local day trips, subculture and more. The exchange rate from US Dollars to Japanese Yen is still great, and though Japan is still wearing masks in public, the situation is much safer now. Since tourism is back almost at full force, we recommend you take advantage this year if you can!

  • Answer Our Survey for a Chance* to Win a ¥1,000 Amazon Gift Card! (Offer Ends Dec. 15, 2022) (2022.11.22)

    If you are willing to answer a simple survey about travel to Tokyo, you will be entered in a lottery for a chance* to win an Amazon gift card worth 1,000 yen! We’re looking forward to hearing your answers. Please click the link below to participate. You must answer by December 15, 2022 to be eligible. *10 winners will be chosen at random.
    https://forms.gle/8KBPpV4iCMuMpswf7 (external link)

  • November 2022 Events Are On! (2022.10.31)

    While the majority of people in Japan still wear masks, finally we are able to hold events again. It has been too long! This November, if you come to Tokyo you can enjoy the following events in Suginami: Ogikubo Music Festival for a celebration of Ogikubo’s classical music around the town, Trolls in the Park for an outdoor art exhibition throughout the month, Suginami Festa for a weekend family-fun celebration of food and performances, and Asagaya Nomiya Festival, where you can get special deals to go bar-hopping around the area.