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Pearl Center Shopping, Tanabata Festival, Jazz, Anime Street and More

In a way Asagaya is the center of Suginami, as this is where all the Suginami governmental buildings are, however, it doesn’t mean that Asagaya is a business district. On the contrary, it is a lively town with its summer Tanabata Festival (started over 60 years ago) in the Pearl Center shopping arcade, or “shotengai”, where during any season souvenir shops, Japanese sweets shops, and a great deal of eating and drinking establishments provide plenty of options. Star Road on the station’s north side also provides a vibrant nightlife scene with its many bars and restaurants. Fall brings the famous jazz festival, Asagaya Jazz Streets, where jazz is played throughout the area outdoors and inside various cafes and venues. Asagaya is known for it’s jazz circuit, with some jazz bars/clubs established over 30 years ago. Japanese animation has also put Asagaya on the map, as animation studios were established here and now Asagaya Anime Street can be found under the Chuo Line tracks a short walk from the station for anime related shopping, gallery viewing, or even eating in its themed cafes.