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Awa-Odori, Vintage Clothing, and Underground Music

Koenji may be best known for the Awa-Odori traditional dance festival in summer, but it also has a street performance (Koenji Bikkuri Daidougei) in spring, Koenji Fest in fall, and a traditional comedic storytelling festival (Engei Matsuri) in winter. Aside from these seasonal festivals, Koenji has made a name for itself through music and vintage clothing. Used clothing shops and music venues dot the area. In terms of music, for many Koenji is known as a “birthplace of Japanese punk” and for its underground and experimental sounds. Koenji also has many bars and restaurants, now more than 200 places with English menus– attracting people from all over. The modern youth culture here is thus quite substantial, yet on the other hand Koenji is known for it’s many temples and shrines. Surely Koenji has something for everyone.